Moissanite Rings

The biggest question we often get asked is why Buy Moissanite?
To the untrained (and in most cases even trained) eye, you really cannot tell the difference between a Moissanite and a diamond. To put it into perspective, we have sold Moissanite to several customers who have taken their jewellery to respected jewellers for valuation and have come away with a valuation of a diamond!!!

It is a known fact that certain celebrities have replicated their engagements rings in Moissanite which they use for everyday wear whilst the real diamond rocks are locked away for safekeeping for those special occasions!

Moissanite is a gem in its own right and ranks up high amongst the precious stone list. They are the closest alternative to a diamond with more sparkle and brilliance and sell at a fraction of the price which is a huge plus if you have designer tastes but not a designer budget.

Diamonds are the hardest of the precious stones and on a scale of 1 to 10 rank top, scoring 10 for hardness. Moissanite comes in at no 2 on the scale at 9.25 making it harder than sapphires, emeralds and ruby’s and is perfect for everyday wear.

Whilst diamonds are beautiful, there is an ugly side because they aren’t always ethical. A diamond miner in Africa can be paid peanuts with extremely bad working conditions, you risk your diamond being a conflict diamond, this has been highlighted in films such as Blood diamonds. The Kimberley process was introduced to combat blood diamonds this with all good diamond sellers conforming to this process. Also, the effect on the environment of diamond mining is enormous; for every carat of diamond mined, over 1 tonne of earth is taken out leading to barren wastelands and erosion. Moissanite is truly an ethical choice as the stones are created in a lab, with good working conditions and minimum wastage.

If you want the closest alternative to a diamond then Moissanite is for you. Don't think you will be wearing a fake diamond, Moissanite is a true gem!
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